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My family has enjoyed several of the soaps. However, the product, I was most interested in commenting on is the "Helping Hands Skin Salve". As I love to garden (but usually forgo the gloves) & I am a physical therapist, I have a challenge to keep soft hands. Most of my patients come for Manual Lymph Drainage which requires a lot of "hands on" work. I have discovered that this skin "salve " applied at night keeps my hands supple & ready for patient contact. I also decided to try it on a terrible Road Rash that my husband got from a biking crash. It was huge, black & crusty (yikes)...I began to apply the "Helping Hands Salve"
after his evening soak in epsom salts & covering it with a gauze bandage. It was looking dramatically better in just 3 days
(had looked awful for 2 weeks), just a thought for the gardeners and bikers who need a Helping Hand!
                                                                  ~ Melba G. in South Carolina 
My husband and I both love your soap.  We live in Alaska so I tend to order a larger quantity of soap for 3 reasons, 1) the cost of shipping;  2) I don't want to take the chance of running out and 3) two many wonderful scents to choose from, I want to try them all.  I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the tooth soap, but find that my teeth feel and look cleaner.  I was worried about not getting that cinnamony fresh breath (I don't like mint), but not a problem, did the fresh breath experiment on my poor husband.   
Thank you Shannon and Mike for your wonderful products.
                                                                    ~Leslie S.  in Anchorage, AK
I came across your booth at the Sequim market on a day trip and fell in love with your skin salve! I use it mostly on my lips before bed, packing it on and waking up to incredibly smooth lips! I also use it as an under eye treatment at night. I swear by it and use nothing else! Thank you so much for creating this.... PS your soaps are wonderful as well :)                                          ~Sarah C. of Rexburg, Idaho
The soaps are divine! I just opened the package...thank you for the little 'surprise'....can't WAIT to try these. They all smell amazing! I WILL be ordering more for x-mas....these were supposed to be gifts, but they won't make it to anyone's stocking. lol

Thank you!!                                              ~Jennifer B. in Canastota, NY

I have an allergy to products within the products. It causes me extreme dermatitis to the point my skin splits,cracks and sometimes takes forever to heal. I have used "Bee My Honey" for quite some time and it is the only soap that truely helps my skin. I was in a panic trying to find a subsitute when I thought this soap would no longer be made. I love it! And I love the customer service and know that Shannon has a great love and pride in making a product that brings so much satisfation to her customers. Thank you Shannon and family.I will be a faithful customer for as long as you are in business. P.S I still like Galloping Goats the best. : )
                                                                           ~Teresa F. in Issaquah, WA 

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